Alright guys, today I’m going to share about one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met, a guy who and I say this without exaggeration, took a risk that no normal person would take, on the chance that he might be able to work for me and learn from me. And it did work.

When I show you everything he did, anyone would agree that I had to hire him, but before I begin, I have to give an extremely strong disclaimer here.

The reason I’ve waited so long to share this story is because I don’t want to encourage anyone to copy him, do not copy him, this was a one time deal, if you get inspired by his story and want to try the same with someone else, you absolutely should.

Trust me when I tell you that you will never regret going all in on the things you believe them, as crazy as they might seem to everyone else, but please don’t try this with me, this was a one-time deal.

Alright, let’s begin.

April 5th, 2019, way back when I was still reading my instagram messages, I got an interesting message from a fan of my previous channel.

“Hey Nelson! I worked on something for you and your community for over a month now. I am sure it is great for your overall goal of affecting positive change in the world and for NelsonQuest in general. I will be in Medellin in about 1-2 weeks and I know you are extremely busy. Is there a chance that I can hit you up for only 2 minutes and present you what I created?”

I get more messages than you guys would believe from people who want meet me, take me out for coffee, videochat with me, etc., and I say no to all of them because I just don’t have time. In this case, he mentioned that he had been working on something for over a month, and so I recommended that he reach out to my assistant Laura, she’s my filter for this kind of stuff.

So about a week later, I get back to my apartment and there’s a big box waiting for me, now, this was the first time that a fan had ever sent me something, so I assumed that it was a bomb and asked Laura if she could open the box for me, she said no, after a bit more analysis, I decided that the box was too light to be a bomb and so figuring that it was probably some sort of airborne poison, I asked my housekeeper to open the box. She also said no.

So, left with no other option, I closed my eyes, braced for impact, and opened the box myself, when I realized I was still alive, I looked down and to my surprise, I found this book.

Inside the box was also a note instructing me to go to myprojectfornelson.com with the promise that everything would be explained on that website, and so off I went…

“This is my project for you. Why? Because I want to work for you.”

The header had what I thought was just some generic drone footage but it was the fan holding the book, at this point, my mouth was wide open, I kept scrolling, in the first section, he explained that the book he had created “6 Lessons for Authentic Growth”, was meant for me to take and use however I wanted as content within NelsonQuest, he included doc, pdf and kindle formats.

He explained that book was divided into 6 chapters, each representing core pillars of my philosophy, which had interpreted and summarized from videos on my channel.

To be clear, this wasn’t just some quick thing, as I would later learn from the instagram account that he created to document each part of his journey, he had spent 2 and a half months, working 12-14 hours a day, to make all of this possible, half the time he spent working on the book, and the other half the time he had spent working to be able to afford a one-way ticket from Germany to Medellin, which included living in the cheapest apartment he could find, which had a shower in the kitchen.

And if you guys are curious what he did work, he had contacted a number of e-commerce stores through instagram messages, asking if he could sell their products for a commission, he quickly found a company that was on board, and they worked out a deal where if he could generate 15k in sales, he would get 20%, which would give him the 3000 he needed for his airplane ticket.

Again, all of this without any sort of guarantee that this was going to achieve his goal.

So back to the website, the next section was titled Videos, in it were short clips that had created using audio from my videos combined with beautiful visuals and atmospheric music.

I kept scrolling, “Who Am I”, at this point, I still had no idea who this guy was, well here, I’ll let you guys meet him the same way that I did. At this point, I had a smile basically glued to my face, ear to ear.

In the next section, in a video titled “Why you”, he explained that how he sees me as a role model, as someone whose personal and professional achievements were almost perfectly aligned with where he wanted to get to.

Then in the next and final video, titled “How Can I Provide Value”, he explained how he was 100% committed and willing to sacrifice everything to make whatever we did together work, he listed of all of his skills and expertise, fluent in 3 languages, web design & video editing skills, fast learner.

In the final section of this website was Rafael’s “Surprise” for me, he had heard me mention in a few of my videos that I had a dream to be able to do public speaking, and so he had Mark Meinema, a 25 year public speaking coach who’s been featured on TEDx, record me a personalized video with an offer to provide feedback on one of my videos and do a video training session all for free.

By the time I was done going through the website, the book, and each video update in the instagram account, I was crying, I grabbed my phone, and immediately messaged Rafael to see if we could meet for lunch the following day. I can only imagine what he was feeling waiting for that message, as he had explained in one of the instagram videos, he had dropped out of college and sacrificed everything that didn’t move him closer to his major goal of working and learning from me.

When I got there, he was so nervous that he was shaking, it was adorable, I let him know right away that, of course we were going to be working together.

We tried a few different things before having him settle on sales, and he quickly became our top sales guy. There was a huge learning curve for him, but he learned quickly, working entire days, 7 days a week.

After a year of working his ass off and learning all that the could, he’s now moved on now to his own projects where little by little, he’s finding success. Of all the young people I’ve met, he’s the only one that I would, without hesitation, bet my life on that he will have tremendous success, because he’s able to see the same thing that I’m able to see.

Anyway guys, the thing that Rafael can see, the thing that I can see, with clarity, is that when you give something your all, when you commit every fiber of your being towards the realization of a goal, no matter what that goal is, you won’t fail, you can’t fail, even if the result isn’t what you were originally aiming for, or you get hit with horrible luck.

I go all in on the things I believe in and I succeed where others fail not because I’m smarter or more talented, it’s because I don’t stop, guys like Rafael don’t stop. If you don’t stop you can’t fail, and when you fully commit yourself to the things you believe in, you enter a realm of near-limitless possibilities that becomes obvious, predictable even.

The success that I’m enjoying and that Rafael is now starting to enjoy, when you work as hard as we do and commit as much as we do, this all becomes inevitable.

And guys, Rafael will respond to any questions you guys have and he also said it was ok to share his instagram, @Rafaelvoncorvin.

If this video motivated you, I highly recommend checking out the story of Edwin C. Barnes, a man who risked everything to be able to work with Thomas Edison, he had no money and no skills, and fueled only by a burning desire, made it happen. It’s one of the stories in “think and grow rich” but you guys can Google it and find a summary.

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And if you want to read the book that Rafael wrote, I’ll drop a link here.

This is the path.

Ciao, and cya in the next post.

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