Meet NelsonQuest

My name is Nelson Quest and I’m the guy behind the NelsonQuest channel on YouTube (english / spanish) where my goal is to create the sort of content I wish I had when I was younger.

I’m not trying to sell people stuff. I’m not trying to motivate anyone. I’m not trying to do anything.

I share my unique experiences in focused videos, vlogs, and live streams, for people who think like me and feel like me, but who don’t have anyone within their lives to relate to… can both relate to and benefit from.

People who believe that consumption cannot create lasting happiness.

People who want to dive into individual disciplines and philosophies to reach profound levels (and to develop self-mastery in a balanced way across our physical, mental, expressive, and occupational dimensions).

People who feel like shortcuts are traps, and instead, want to learn how to work smart and hard to do things that create actual value within the world.

…within a system that is designed to make us believe and feel the opposite of these things.

Professional Life

I am the CEO of – a fast-growing company where we provide real estate websites and related solutions to agents, teams, and brokers across the USA and Canada.

I started the company from scratch back in 2013 (after a few years as a freelance website designer), I’m proud to say that we now have 40+ employees and thousands of happy clients

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My Story & The System

When I was younger I went through a traumatic period, and I continue to view everything around me through the eyes of my younger self.

My life now is more than I could have imagined when I was younger… a lot more. After dealing with depression and failure and feeling ‘lost’ for most of my life, in 2011 I had an epiphany moment where my life changed completely.

From that moment I had what seemed like infinite motivation which I used to work towards realizing the ‘best version’ of myself that I had always ‘wanted’ to be.

At the time, I rediscovered my passion for design to start a real estate web design business, and every year I’ve been able to add or improve on habits and achieve goals (like learning Spanish, Salsa, Boxing, and currently working to summit the tallest mountain on every continent).

Since my epiphany moment in 2011, I have spent almost every day working endlessly towards this version of myself – in that time I’ve come to understand that we exist within a system that is designed to keep us in a state of infinite consumption so that we can be farmed for profit.

I believe that the true path is one where consumption is equally balanced with expression – and that we express ourselves through thought, conversations, dance, art, and more broadly speaking, ‘creation’ in any form.

I am someone who has legitimately walked the path, and does not talk about things that I have not lived, experienced, and extensively thought about first – I detest when theory is projected as fact, reading is NOT knowledge, EXPERIENCE is knowledge.


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My top 3 influences:

Why #iwillnotbeconsumed

I believe that the greatest problem of our time is over-consumption.
Everything within the system is designed to keep us consuming. Social media, miracle-products, shortcuts, pharmaceuticals, books, content…

All designed to keep us in the world of ‘external’, where
the problem is not consumption itself, the problem is over-consumption.

Any greatness that I have achieved or will go onto achieve will be the result of balancing expression with consumption – roughly a 50/50 balance.

#iwillnotbeconsumed is simply a proclamation that I will be victorious against the ever-present forces trying to turn me into a mindless slave to consumption.

Feel free to use it in any of your posts. I’m hoping it can be something that really ties our community together.

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We shouldn't aim to eliminate consumption, we should aim to balance it with it's opposite: expression

Nelson Quest