How to Channel Pain (like Depression & Sexual Frustration) into POWER

If you’re someone that is currently struggling with depression, anger, sadness, sexual frustration, if you see these emotions as “negative” and feel weighed down by them, I promise that by the time you’re done watching this post, you will have discovered a path you never even knew existed, one that will allow you to channel those same negative emotions into power, true power

Let’s begin. 

My epiphany moment: how I learned to channel negative energy

In 2011, after years of what seemed like never-ending anxiety and depression, I found what I thought was the girl of my dreams and then a few months later, she left me to return to a past boyfriend who was a far better man than me. 

I’ve battled with depression all throughout my life, but the heartbreak that I felt was far worse than anything I had experienced previously and in my desperation to make the hurting stop, I did something that I had never done before, I looked at myself in the mirror. 

And I’m not talking about the quick glance that we give ourselves when we’re brushing our teeth in the morning, I looked deep within myself to try to find some redeeming quality or unique value that would make me feel better about my chances of maybe one day finding love again and much to my horror, I found nothing

I had no real skills or abilities, the idea of “improving” myself, had literally never occurred to me, my own thoughts, weren’t even really mine, I realized that up until that point in my life, I had just been mindlessly following the path that had been laid out in front of me, without ever questioning anything and so what was already the worst depression I had ever experienced, somehow got worse. 

Fast forward a few months and by this point I had completely given up on trying to make the pain go away, I had decided that I was going to just wait things out and so there I was,  just after midnight, the pull of my cigarette the only light on an otherwise completely dark rooftop, as I gazed mindlessly onto the New York City skyline, a skyline that for all of it’s beauty, can either make you feel like you’re on top of the world, or being crushed by all of its weight.

There, at what was undoubtedly the absolute lowest point in my life, a simple question occurred to me, Why? WHY did I have to experience these emotions the way that i had been experiencing them. 

And in a fraction of a second, less time than it takes to snap your finger, I suddenly understood profoundly that all of the depression, anger, sadness, and sexual frustration that had been weighing me down, I realized that I didn’t have to experience these things as pain, that I could instead channel all of those emotions, all of that energy  into power. When I realized this, I started jumping up and down as high as I possibly could, tears of happiness streaming down my face, I flicked the cigarette away,  went back to my apartment, and immediately, obsessively started to work on improving myself.

In an instant I went from hopeless depression, to infinite motivation, I went from having never run more than a few blocks, to waking up at 5am every morning to go swim in a freezing cold pool, racking up hundreds of miles every week running and on my bicycle, a year and two months later I would fly to South Africa to compete in my first ironman, I had never willfully read a nonfiction book, and now I couldn’t stop reading, I went from being addicted to “Call of duty”, to now working every waking second that was available to me, in just a few weeks I went from earning very little for websites that took me months to complete, to earning thousands of dollars working on websites that now only took me days to complete.

The epiphany that I had on that rooftop was the most important and amazing thing that’s ever happened to me, this channel wouldn’t exist without it, my business wouldn’t have 40 employees and thousands of clients, I would have never learned salsa, moved to a new country, climbed mountains,  nothing I am now would exist if I didn’t learn how to channel negative emotions into power. 

I mean just imagine for yourselves, if you suddenly gained the power to channel every negative emotion you experience into power, how powerful would you become? 

For the rest of this video, I’ll do my best to explain how I gained that power.

Understand how society define emotions

Depression, anger, sadness, sexual frustration, generally speaking, “negative emotions”, we’re taught these things are negative, right? And how are we taught to “treat” our negative emotions? Well generally we’re encouraged to take our mind off things by hanging out with friends, maybe if our emotions are really affecting us, that we  ought to see a psychologist or a shrink, who may then decide that we should be put on medication. 

The most common form of dealing with negative emotions is to either or repress them through distractions, of which we have infinite amount, available at all times, browsing through social media, playing mindless video game, binge watching entire series on Netflix many of us even retreat into excessive use of porn and masturbation. 

This is reality, right? 

Well what I’ve discovered, is completely the opposite, in the words of the great Morpheus, this is just

“The world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth”

Let’s start with emotions, here’s something nobody will fucking tell you, all of our depression, anger, sadness, and sexual frustration, these are not inherently “negative”, society filters everything into either “positive” and “negative”, the “positive” stuff is the stuff that we’re told we ought to seek more of, the “negative” stuff is stuff that perceive as problems  whenever we have a problem, we then must look for a solution, seeking help, taking medication, distracting ourselves, I’m not saying there’s anything inherently wrong with any of these things, but these are all external solutions and this is the whole fucking problem with everything wrong in the world, its that we exist, every single one of us exists, within the framework of society whose primary goal is profit, and guess what, there’s no profit inside of you, none and because of that, everything within our conscious waking reality is designed to keep us permanently out here, where all the profit is.

Understand the reality of emotions

Emotions are emotions, “positive” and “negative” are just filters applied by society, It’s actually really ironic that we can “think” that emotions are negative, because there’s no “thinking” happening whatsoever, we’re taught that depression simply is a negative emotion and we ought to treat it by something external to us, the solution is always external, always something to be consumed.

The deeper we understand this,  the greater our potential to awaken to the realization that we can  actually choose how we want to perceive our emotions. 

Understand the reality of how we react to things

Let’s take things one step further, when something happens to us, maybe we fail a difficult assignment, we get fired from a job, someone we like rejects us, or it’s saturday night again and we’re all alone again, society teaches us that it is normal to react negatively to these things and again I ask the question, why? Seriously,  why?

When something happens to us,  if we look closely, there’s actually a space between the thing happening to us, and how we react to it, when we feel powerless to “free” ourselves from the “pain” of “negative” emotions and how we react to them, It’s because we don’t realize that this space exists. When we learn to observe this space, we learn that we can actually choose how we react to what happens to us. 

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Dare to gaze into the abyss

After my epiphany moment, when I realized that I didn’t have to accept the definition of emotions as being “positive” or “negative” that society had imposed upon me, I remember sitting on my couch and trying to visualize all of these so-called “negative” emotions that had caused me so much pain and suffering for so many years, I literally sat down on my couch, patted the space next to me, and invited them to come have conversations with me, and so I visualized my depression, my anger, my sadness, my sexual frustration, I even invited death to come sit with me, what I expected to see were demons, monsters, what I saw initially was just darkness, not so much evil, more so just unknown an abyss. 

It was Nietzsche who said

“if you stare into the abyss long enough, the abyss stares back at you”

But the more that I sat with these things, the clearer it became what I was looking at it wasn’t a demon, it wasn’t a monster, it was me, me looking back at myself. And in seeing myself I came to realize that these same emotions that I had always been taught to either treat, repress, or run from, were actually just friends, guides, there to help me if only I would grant them the opportunity. 

An emotion is not positive or negative, depression is not positive or negative, it simply is, its energy, and the same energy that weighs us down we can actually channel into power if we learn not only that we can perceive these emotions differently, but that we can also, simultaneously choose to react to them differently. 


Alright guys, let’s do a quick summary here before we get to my final recommendations.

Understand how society defines emotions

Society filters everything into either “positive” and “negative”, the negative stuff is stuff that perceive as problems whenever we have a problem, we then must look for a solution, which is always external. 

Understand the reality of emotions

Emotions are simply emotions, “Positive” and “negative” are just filters that society applies after the fact, the more we understand this, the more able we are to choose how we perceive our emotions. 

Understand the reality of how we react to things

When something happens to us, if we look closely, there’s actually a space between the thing happening to us, and how we react to it, so rather than reacting mindlessly to something in a way that doesn’t benefit us, we can actually choose to react consciously in a way that does benefit us. 

Dare to gaze into the abyss

Instead of running from our emotions as we always have, when we sit with them and look them squarely in the eyes, we can realize that they’re actually meant to help us. 

Alright guys, so I think at the core of this video and the key to being able to implement everything I’ve shared here, is faith

Faith that there exists an entire, wondrous reality outside of the “false” reality that we’re born into, the false reality that is all that we know, have total confidence that you can channel your negative emotions into power and then give it a try, and see for yourself and see what happens. 

If you guys want to learn more about epiphanies, I’ll drop a link to a video I made on the topic. 

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Ciao, and I’ll see you guys in the next post. 

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