The 3 Mistakes That Make NOFAP Deadly

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It’s been a few years now since NOFAP gained massive popularity –

And while it’s my belief and experience that when used properly, it CAN be a MAJOR catalyst towards positive life change.

It still seems to me that the VAST of people who are drawn to NOFAP –  I’m talking 99+ percent…  seem to have no idea what they’re ACTUALLY trying to accomplish.

Sure, we’ve heard about all the amazing benefits like increased confidence, motivation, and focus…

And a quick search on YouTube will turn up hundreds of young men screaming from mountain tops proclaiming that NOFAP has dramatically changed their lives.

But the thing is, life-changing improvements do not come from simply NOT masturbating.

And, NOFAP should never be practiced without first understanding what I’m about to explain in this video.

So whether whether you have practiced NOFAP, are practicing it, or are considering practicing it.

PLEASE make sure you understand these 3 things. Let’s dive in.

1. The TRUE goal of NoFAP

If you feel yourself drawn to NOFAP.

The ROOT problem is NOT excessive masturbation or porn.

The ROOT problem is that you’re you’re unhappy with your life.

People that are happy with their lives couldn’t care less about NOFAP –

But if you’re UNHAPPY with your life, you’re probably MOST unhappy in those moments where you’re laying in bed…

Staring down at the penis vomit that now covers your flabby, out of shape midsection.

Having just masturbated to a woman that would probably never find you attractive.

Knowing that, instead of doing the things that you SHOULD be doing to make yourself more attractive –

Working out – developing talents – finding success in your chosen career or occupation.

That Instead – you’re just masturbating your pathetic life away. I think we’ve all been there at some point.

So if we’re drawn to NOFAP – it’s ALWAYS going to be because there’s something about our life that we’re not happy with,

And so we should start there – and consider everything we’re not happy about – and why we believe NOFAP can help us,

Because NOFAP is NOT a magic pill – it’s a tool and as with all tools, we can either use it the right way, or use it the wrong way… which brings us to.

2. The Difference between Healthy and Unhealthy NoFAP

The most alarming aspect of NOFAP to me, Is how few men are actually taking a personal inventory of themselves before they decide to do it.

As I mentioned earlier – the ROOT problem  isn’t ‘porn’ or ‘masturbation’ … The problem is that something is wrong with your life  – so START there!

What exactly is wrong with your life? Take some time to fully consider this.

If you believe that porn or masturbation are contributors to whatever is wrong…

Well, ok – that’s probably a GREAT step in the right direction… but don’t just stop there…

Take.. at LEAST…  I don’t know… 15 MINUTES…  maybe even a few HOURS or DAYS even to consider all of the reasons WHY you believe these things to be problems.

Take out a piece of paper and list out all of the pro’s and con’s that you associate with these things.

Work to have as COMPLETE an understanding as possible.

After you’ve weighed the pros and cons and have decided that YES, porn and masturbation are negatively affecting your life.

Then, if you’re going to remove those things from your life –  then what sort of benefits are you expecting?

Take some time to list those out as well, and work to fully understand WHY you believe you will experience those benefits.

The important thing to understand here is that if you’re going to do something like NOFAP.

Don’t just do it because some guy on the internet said he did NOFAP for 3 weeks and is proclaiming that he can now see through walls.

Instead, work to have as COMPLETE an understanding as possible.

Men who do NOFAP without first considering all of this often end up using NOFAP in a way that results in unhealthy sexual repression.

If you’re not careful, you can end up in a worse position than when you started.

Angry and resentful of ALL females for… being unable to SEE how… DESERVING you are of them, when in REALITY is that you’re entirely undeserving because you’ve never done the difficult work required to increase ones value.

Now on the other hand, if you have spent adequate time working towards a profound understanding of WHY you’re doing NOFAP.

Then you end up doing NOFAP because you see it as a tool that you can use to promote HEALTHY self-restraint and self-control on the path towards your IDEAL self, then…

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3. NOFAP is a tool that we can use to control sexual desire

One of the greatest challenges… perhaps THE greatest challenge ANY man seeking to master himself, is learning how to control his own sexual impulses.

Our instinct towards sex is our most primordial and POWERFUL instinct – that COMPELS us to try to f*ck EVERYTHING that we’re even somewhat attracted to –

For many men, this instinct guides EVERY single thing that they do – and they’re usually not conscious to the full extent that this is happening.

Looking back on my younger years – I’ve realized that, with  LITERALLY every single thing that I did to improve myself – everything from starting a business to what car I drove to learning salsa – it was all INITIALLY  just rooted in my desire to sleep with attractive women.

And that’s NOT a bad goal to have INITIALLY – but as we mature, IDEALLY we ought to learn how to control that sexual energy so that we can channel the full power of it…

This is how I gained INCREDIBLE power in my life.

I mean – just imagine for a second if you could take all of your sexual energy and direct it towards the things that YOU decided were important –

If we’re going to master ourselves – then it goes without saying that we have to master our instincts –

If you enjoyed the video and can appreciate how hard we’re working on these, please take a single moment before you go off and jerk yourself silly to give it a like, maybe share it with a friend who could benefit from it.

NOFAP can be a powerful tool… … But it can also be a completely misguided tumble into unhealthy sexual repression.

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This is the path –


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