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I don’t talk about it often, but sexual energy is the the primary fuel that I use to power 100+ hour weeks focused on growing my 50+ person business, mastering salsa, and climbing the tallest mountain in every continent

The majority of people don’t know that this energy exists – and so they waste it by consuming porn and chasing meaningless sex… rarely ever considering ‘why?’. 

I used to not know that it existed. 

Channeling sexual energy – or ‘sexual transmutation’ – is about learning how “channel” our strong biological reproductive motivations towards PRODUCTIVE action.

If you’ve ever practiced NoFap, and suddenly felt more motivation and energy towards becoming your best version  –  then you’ve already had a small taste of what this feels like.

In my  ‘Dopamine Switch’ video – one of the most popular videos on my channel – I explain how we can combine ‘Dopamine Detox’ with ‘Productive Action’ to SWITCH our motivation AWAY from the short-term gratification of social media, netflix, and videogames, and TOWARDS long-term goal oriented activities such as work, study, and gym –

Sexual Transmutation is essentially THAT, but within the realm of sexual energy… and when done correctly,  it feels like a constant surge of motivation – here’s how it works.

First – we have to look at dopamine – which is NOT some sort of ‘feel good’ chemical.

dopamine ISN’T the reward – Dopamine doesn’t get released when we HAVE sex, Dopamine is what MOTIVATES us to pursue sex in the first place –

Dopamine is what motivates us in anticipation of a reward.

This is why the more time we spend watching porn or browsing instagram – the more our body begins to see those things as ‘rewards’ and the more dopamine it releases to MOTIVATE us to consume more of those things –

Leaving us with very little motivation towards the things that we should ACTUALLY be doing.

Now for EVERY species of known animal, both male and female,  reproduction is one of the PRIMARY instinctual goals that drive behavior.

So our brains release MASSIVE amounts of dopamine to motivate us to reproduce.

Now here’s the problem – modern society has learned to ‘HIJACK’ these impulses via pornography and the overglorification of meaningless sex, which I’ll get to in a minute.

Our impulse to reproduce is so strong – and our behavior so conditioned – that we often don’t even realize that we’ve opened PornHub until we’re covered in our penis vomit.

And so the important thing to understand here is that this SAME overpowering impulse, can INSTEAD  be used as FUEL.

When we see it in this way – learning to ‘channel’ our sexual energy is really about making the conscious decision to readjust the REWARD that we’re aiming towards, and then letting our dopamine system do the rest.

If we’re aiming towards the feel good sensations of ‘ejaculation’, or meaningles sex – well then of course our dopamine is going to motivate us towards meaningless bullshit like porn, partying and pickup.

But if we aim instead at a meaningful connection with a beautiful and talented partner – well then there is a LOT that we need to improve within ourselves to become worth of that –

And with THIS mentality, we can channel the sexual motivations of our dopamine system towards MASSIVE self-growth.

In this video, I’m going to take you through that same process that I went through –

First UNLEARNING the toxic, self-destructive beliefs that I was born into as part of a profit-oriented society designed to consume us and then RELEARNING sex and sexual energy in a way that fuels me to be better.

If you can make it to Step 2 and ACTUALLY APPLY it, I promise that therein lies the potential to COMPLETELY transform your motivation and productivity.

Step 1: Unlearn What Doesn’t Serve Us About Sexual Energy

Learning to ‘channel’ our sexual energy is really about making the conscious decision to readjust the REWARD that we want our dopamine systems to motivate us towards.

If we’re not already using our sexual energy towards constructive outlets, it’s BECAUSE whatever understanding we DO have, is rooted in the lies of a society that is designed to profit off of us.

Consider the multi-billion dollar porn industry –

For practically 24 hours a day, most of us are never more than arms length away from what is essentially an INFINITE gateway to porn and the feel-good sensations of masturbation and orgasm.

Elon Musk has an interesting perspective on this.

“A massive amount of thinking has gone into sex without procreation – which is actually quite a silly action in the absense of procreation. So why are you doing it? It’s pretty absurd really.”

He’s not saying that casual sex or even that masturbation are bad – but it is fascinating to consider how billions of dollars have been made off of an act that has ZERO evolutionary value.

And it isn’t  just porn – the cosmetic, fitness, and pickup industries all exploit our instinct to reproduce for profit.

And it isn’t just these industries – virtually EVERY industry is uses ‘lifestyle manipulation’ to get us to believe that their products and services will make us more attractive to the opposite sex.

This is most obvious in rap culture – which glorifies meaningless sex and limitless consumption as being the highest human values.

But my personal favorite example  of this are all of the fake gurus on YouTube – who showcase expensive cars and paid-for girls to PRETEND to sell some sort of course, when what they’re really selling is a lifestyle.

A lifestyle that’s not even real – most fake guru commercials are essentially just what poor people THINK that rich people do.

And this is how we are where we are today – with an entire generation of men who aspire towards these things without any REAL consideration as to WHY.

Because if they DID consider why – well… that would be bad, because then it would be a LOT harder to turn them this.

When these are the things we aspire towards, well then of COURSE our dopamine systems are going to motivate us towards meaningless bullshit like porn and cars and clubs and manipulative pickup techniques.

We are BORN into this ugly, toxic cycle, this false reality – and we are TRAPPED here unless we make the conscious decision to challenge the truths that form the very foundations of our reality.

Step 2: Relearn Sexual Energy in a way that serves us

So if the first step involves UNLEARNING most of what we know about reality, and questioning  who we aspire to be.

The second step becomes about deciding what want to believe about sex – and then recalibrating WHO we actually aspire to be and whether or not our sexual energy plays a creative or destructive role in that process.

In my case – I aspire to be the sort of man worthy of the HIGHEST level of relationship – a soul mate – 

It’s probably less than 1% of people who find their soulmate, and from my perspective – that means that I ought to be better than 99% of men –

I aspire to be GREAT – And with THIS sort of mentality, it becomes possible to harness the power of our dopamine system…to CHANNEL our sexual energy – towards unimaginable growth.

When I had my epiphany and realized that everything I THOUGHT I knew was just the predatory hardwiring of a society designed to consume me –

In that moment I became free to channel my energy however I wanted.

In the book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill dedicates an entire chapter to the power of Sexual Transmutation:

In it, he explains:

“Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses. There never has been, and never will be a great leader, builder, or artist lacking in this driving force of sex.

The mere possession of this energy is not sufficient to produce a genius. The energy must be transmuted from desire for physical contact, into some other form of desire and action, before it will lift one to the status of a genius.”

What he’s explaining here is essentially that – if we can learn to harness the driving forces of our reproductive instincts and channel them NOT towards a desire for physical contact, i.e. sex for the sake of sex.

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This guide is about actually walking the path. It creates a perfect environment devoid of excuses and forces you to face who you are and what you need to do in a way that’s sustainable.

But INSTEAD to channel that energy towards activities and actions that we believe will make us BETTER… that THIS is the way to reach ‘greatness’.

I’ll give you 3 examples:

Build a business: 

Instead of starting a business with the hopes that we can just make lots of money to be able to buy things to impress women in the hope of ‘physical contact’

That we should instead look at building a business as an opportunity increase our intelligence… to improve our ability to think critically and solve difficult problems –

All of which improve our overall ‘level’ of human, thus making us more deserving of a high quality partner. 

Improve our bodies: 

Instead of aiming to have big biceps and a 6pack in hopes of encouraging more ‘physical contact’.

That we should instead look to improving our bodies as part of the challenge of mastering ourselves –

to see our bodies as the physical representation of the strength of our mind, to be worthy of a partner whose mind is equally as strong.

To Learn Expression: 

When I first started learning Salsa I saw it as a way for me to have more ‘physical contact’ with women  – which is why I always struggled with motivation to keep practicing.

When I began to see salsa as this incredible vehicle through which my very essence could manifest itself –

As this beautiful conversation where the highest level male dancers learn to communicate through energy, and where the highest level female dancers learn to read that energy and communicate back.

Which, beyond enabling deep connections with people – IS the reason why dancers are better in bed…  it’s not just because they move better.

Anyway – when I saw salsa in this way – as something that made me a much better human – I suddenly felt INCREDIBLE motivation to keep learning and reach higher levels –

And the reality is that EVERYTHING we do within our Physical, Mental, Occupational, and Expressive dimensions – can be interpreted as something that moves us further along the path towards manifesting the ‘greatness’ that is our best version.


That’s it, guys – just 2 steps.

And this becomes much easier when we consider how foolish it is to NOT act in this way – which hopefully is a bit easier after watching this video and more deeply considering these things for yourself.

The people who most often complain about not being able to find a ‘quality’ partner, are almost always those who most ‘lack’ quality themselves.

The people most often frustrated by the role that sex plays in their lives, are almost always those unwilling to consider why.

The people who learn to channel their sexual energy – are almost always those who actually understand these things.


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