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True expression is an amazing phenomenon that can only happen when we free ourselves from a society designed to consume us. 

The Ultimate Goal-Setting System | Dark Mode 2020

I’ve been walking the path towards self-mastery for over 8 years, and with the rapid development of social networks and evolution of smart phones, it has become increasingly difficult to achieve goals and develop habits. This is why I created ‘Dark Mode’ – a simple system that I designed to help me achieve ONE SPECIFIC GOAL by developing relevant habits and creating the perfect environment in which failure becomes impossible.

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Why ALL Resolutions Fail (Do THIS Instead to Succeed)

I have lots of experience at failing with resolutions that I’ve set for myself in my early years, I know what it’s like to be the guy that signs up for a year gym membership only to last a few days, but over the last 8 years I’ve more often than not been extremely successful with my resolutions.

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