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Porn vs. Self Improvement (The Battle of Dopamine)

Porn creates a massive overload of dopamine which negatively impacts our motivation to do other (more productive) things… which I’ll explain in much more detail in the video. If you’ve been struggling with motivation, watch this video and at the very least, you’ll never consume porn the same way… and quite possibly… you may never consume porn again.

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NOFAP: 3 Things NO ONE Understands

So whether you’re considering NOFAP, have tried it, or are currently practicing it. Once you’ve understood the 3 main points I make in this video, you’ll be able to spot and avoid the potential pitfalls, while reaping all of the benefits. Enjoy!

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How to Find Your Passion (The REAL Way)

My goal with this video is to completely obliterate this perverse and simply untrue version of passion that we all grew up understanding, and replace that with something much more powerful, a real understanding passion. When we know what real passion is, we’ll have a better chance of finding it.

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